StopGaps – Filling Gaps in Floorboards Since 2004

StopGap was created to fill a gap in the market, when the inventor found his newly redecorated Edwardian home was colder and draughtier than before. When he realised it was all down to the cold air coming from the gaps in the floorboards he thought finding an effective filler would be easy, but he was wrong. After searching locally and online, he found that none of the existing solutions were up to the job; the DIY options were messy and time consuming, and the commercial products used permanent adhesives or sealants. Inspired, he started developing StopGap until he created a product good enough for his own home, and that’s the StopGap we know today.

Cold rooms aren’t the only downside of gaps between your floorboards; the flow of air can also carry dust, dirt, small insects and unwanted smells.

StopGap is a simple and cost-effective floorboard gap sealer, protecting you from cold draughts and dirt-laden air from under your floorboards. StopGap is easy to install, even for someone with no DIY experience, and you could have your room done in under an hour. Once installed StopGap is virtually invisible and totally maintenance-free, leaving you with lower heating bills and nothing to worry about.

Don’t be put off restoring an original wood floor by the prospect of cold rooms, high heating bills and constant draughts; with StopGap you can experience the joys of real wood floors with none of the downsides.